Hey, what did that Tips screen say?

The Tips screen is only shown when you're viewing a scoreboard that doesn't have any players. It says:

Why won't my TV turn off while Scoreboard is running?

Scoreboard keeps your Apple TV from starting its screensaver or going to sleep because you may be playing your game, rather than interacting with Scoreboard, for long periods. Some TVs don't cope well with apps that do this, so you can turn it off in your Apple TV's Settings app. Go to Apps, then Scoreboard, then turn "Screensaver/Sleep Mode" to "On".

My name isn't on the list when I add a player!

Scoreboard remembers the last twenty player names you used. If you haven't used twenty player names yet, Scoreboard adds names from a list of commonly used ones. Your name will appear on the list once you've used it at least once.

Why are there more male names than female names in the common names list?

We used a list of common names on Facebook, and more of those names were male. Apparently parents are more stodgy when they name their baby boys, so male names are more common than female ones!

My question's not answered here! What do I do?

Email brent@architechies.com and I'll see what I can do!